List of test cases

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Disclaimer: all these tests will track the performance of your computer and send that info (browser, os, version, ms per frame, canvas or webgl) using google analytics for every test. This is done only for testing the performance of the engine. Every month I'll publish the latest info in either my blog or this same page.

Test results from Nov. 1st - Nov 20th (Total registered events: 3234)

Notes about the results
As always, take the results with a grain of salt (you can always look at the raw data for more granular info). These results are the averages between all OS, all browsers, including canvas fallback (except for Block Groups, where there's no canvas fallback support for that). The iOS test is the only one that is separated between mobile and combined (desktop + mobile). From here on, I will try to also include the version of ChesterGL on these test.
Link to raw data: